At night, Saraana and Uruuru wake up Oshtor, informing him to follow

At night, Saraana and Uruuru wake up Oshtor, informing him to follow

Secrets Shown [ ]

He realizes it is Honoka making requesting their presence but the newest twins don’t act. Kuon sees the function and you may happens and you can means knowing where he’s getting taken to, the brand new twins share with you to definitely this woman is together with requested to come, Kuon requests the individual asking for both her and you may Oshtor, the brand new twins states one to she will read in time, Kuon believes ahead just like the she’s interested. Because they walk through the newest site, Kuon requires why the guy looked delighted, nevertheless second quickly hinders of using this method, they come on yard in which Haku regularly meet Mito many times, Honoka greets on a few, she food him as ever thus appearing Oshtor that the woman is aware about their magic name, particularly abrupt appointment makes your with many matter he does not even know what you should state, after that Oshtor just like the green tea is actually served. Once the Oshtor has the newest beverage Kuon says one Tuskur’s green tea extract tastes a great too.

Kuon wonders in which they just try, Honoka reveals that he could be within the Holy palace making Kuon surprised once the she seems upon the latest air in the evening. Honoka thank-you one another Haku and you will Kuon for their accomplishment regarding combat and you will help Anju, dislike to own Haku tossing everything you away however, Oshtor claims that it was their decision alone. Kuon is actually doubtful away from him as she glares at your thus to avoid discussing his term he’d alter the subject.

They show up into place and once the new bulbs take, good sounds welcomes them, a tablet filled with a small tarnished liquids, having good old-man in to the

Honoka today asks them to follow on sealed doorways to help you fulfill “him”, leaving Haku in the misunderstandings due to the fact his brother try dead, they are available so you can a hall produced from inorganic information, leaving Kuon surprised by watching Onkamiyamukai structures and procedures for the perfect requirements. Because they appear from elevator, Honoka claims they have a close relationship just however, Kuon blushed seeks rejects they, Oshtor says that the was pure, and you will says Kuon to get special to own your hence leaving Kuon blushed; but he says the latest this woman is his pal and you can comrade, who may have stood which have your through some difficulty, as a result Kuon thwacks your with her end even more difficult.

Mito, the previous Mikado regarding Yamato suggests as live, one another Oshtor and you can Kuon is actually shocked, that even Haku exclaims your aunt, hence putting Kuon during the further dilemma. New Mikado thanks him getting preserving Anju and you may repairing Yamato however, Haku declares one to Oshtor is but one to get the borrowing because are his past wish, ergo Mikado realizes that another dedicated buddy well worth the duty provides fell much so you’re able to their sadness. Mito demonstrates to you them he is actually assaulted through the middle away from procedures so you can lengthen their lifestyle, the guy leftover an artificial human body behind therefore however have the ability to recuperate during stasis, he cannot learn whom attacked him you to definitely even Haku cannot contour aside. Upcoming Mito talks to Kuon formally from the directing her just like the “Lady” Kuon and you may demonstrates to you the reason why he enjoy the lady right here, to many thanks her having preserving, providing and you will cheering Anju in all implies she did, and you will apologies so you’re able to her in the his decision so you’re able to entertain her homeland.

Mito claims that it was a selfish choice out-of his to occupy Tuskur, and explains him where to hookup in Norwich or her by the telling towards reputation for humankind and its downfall while they were became Tatari, their challenge just like the past human survivor to displace their kind from the curing any destroyed technology and most importantly to acquire one idea to replace humankind off their current state when he reveals him or her the new Tatari obtained from the screen. Every countries the guy beat were to see any solution to save humankind which means Yamato came to be.