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  • I’m going through very similar times with my wife, and I’m glad you are talking about it

I’m going through very similar times with my wife, and I’m glad you are talking about it

I’m going through very similar times with my wife, and I’m glad you are talking about it

My husband started to change many years ago, suttle things, shaving

I don’t know what to say other than I hope your spouse loves you as much as you lover your spouse. It is okay to be afraid. And I’m sure glad you are expressing this. Keep supporting her, and keep looking out for your own emotions too. I wish you the best, and hope you are doing well.

Hi all, I feel the best way to describe how I feel is that I feel very raw, like a fresh wound…just having found out my husband is transgender …. I am married to my soulmate, best friend and wonderful father to our blended family of seven. We’ve been married for 18 years. .arms, legs etc just one thing at a time. He said he didn’t like to be hairy anymore. Then the hair, kept getting longer and he wouldn’t cut it. The streaked..he was once black..over time its now long and blonde! Then came the hormone patches…I still had no idea. I believed him. I asked him just over a year ago about the patches and what the follow up was. The patches had caused breasts. He said still on the patches waiting for a consultant appointment BUT that he felt he liked some of the side effects of the patches, the way it made him feel. I was in denial, I didn’t want to know more. Now over a year later he has been working away a lot over the last year..one or two days every week or two… He sent me a text message last week, very garbled but basically saying the conference he was attending he was going as a woman. The people he had been working with knew him as a transgender MTF. He said please forgive him and he loved me. So where to from here… As I said at the start he’s really my world. I love the MAN from before last week. Men’s clothes, masculine, man who looked after me. Today, I have two teenage son’s living at home. They go to a all boys school. I work in the hospital, its a small community. I grieve for my husband. I want him back. I’ve read extensively this evening… I know its huge for him to ‘come out’ in public as he has. I can’t at the moment, think about calling him a ‘her’, calling him his female name, think of going out in public and yes I do think about our sex life, although this has been very little for a while… I wish I could turn the clock back, I don’t know what to do next, how to live without the love of my life….. If we separated I’d be lost without him….

I just want to add..I’m 46 and my husband is 56 yrs old. He has been married before, and as I said before we have children. He said this has been evolving, it wasn’t always there. So I suppose this comes under Gender identity disorder (GID), also known as gender dysphoria… but I still don’t understand how its only come about in the last maybe 10 or less years.

The hormone patches he told me were because of testicular pain and they would help

Kia ora Is it something in the water in NZ? I reckon at least three of my male friends are trans; only one is out. My partner is trans and not out yet, but it won’t be long!