Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox are a woman fox with tangerine fur, brownish attention and bluish tresses

Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox are a woman fox with tangerine fur, brownish attention and bluish tresses

This woman is a person in INTERPOL that is more often than not when you look at the ongoing pursuit of this new Cooper Group, and therefore Sneaky Cooper, who views this lady since a romance interest. In events regarding Sly Cooper: Theft as time passes, Carmelita temporarily inserted the new Cooper Group and you will assisted Sly save the Cooper Clan compliment of go out traveling. She’s currently exploring Sly’s whereabouts.

Carmelita very first appeared in Sneaky Cooper therefore the Thievius Raccoonus at the the age of 21. This lady most recent many years try unfamiliar, given that she is actually 23 into the Sneaky 2: Gang of Theft and you will twenty four from inside the Sly step three: Prize One of Theft, but an enthusiastic undisclosed period of time passed between that and Theft with time.

She is actually voiced because of the Roxana Ortega inside Sneaky Cooper as well as the Thievius Raccoonus, Alesia Glidewell during the Sneaky 2, Ruth Livier for the Sneaky step three and you may Grey DeLisle into the Thieves from inside the Some time following the styles.


Carmelita try a fourth-generation member of the authorities. [1] Within a young age, she learnt at Sleuth Academy and you can graduated near the top of this lady class. Immediately after graduating regarding Cops Academy that have celebrates, she began doing work for the newest Investigative Properties Section off INTERPOL. [2] The girl employer and mentor was Inspector James Barkley. From the an unknown part of the woman job, Carmelita became acquainted Constable Neyla together with Contessa.

Conference Sly

When Inspector Barkley try approaching later years, he wanted to see he had been passageway his service on best hand. Thus, he offered Carmelita, his novice protegee while the primary applicant to do the job, work off protecting the brand new Parisian Opera Household and you may protecting the new Diva Diamond, a treasure owned by opera musician Pachyderma Tuskinanny. While you are patrolling the rooftop, Carmelita receive an excellent raccoon looking at a chart and you can ignoring the new town. Whenever the new bad, she required some guards in addition they apprehended him. Seeing the new burglar one on one, she is actually removed straight back of the exactly how glamorous he was. He was next make the janitor’s case. The guy at some point escaped and when Barkley found out, he yelled at the Carmelita, blaming the girl to have their eliminate.

Aggravated exactly how brand new intruder got produced her lookup the brand new deceive before her manager, she stormed off searching for your. She checked backstage when it comes to contours of raccoon. When you’re examining, she read a commotion just about to happen regarding the girl standing, nevertheless when she examined they, there can be nobody around. With the opera’s phase, Pachyderma was wailing over the undeniable fact that the new Diva Diamond is taken. Barkley screamed within Carmelita at the top of his lung area, reducing the girl so you’re able to tears.

Out of the blue, a person decrease on sky above her or him; he had been fastened suspended of the a rope together with a newsprint wallet more their lead. Carmelita removed the newest wallet to find Pierre, the brand new stage-manager, into Diva Diamond to their neck. When you look at the purse, Carmelita located a calling credit away from Sneaky, and that shown new identity of burglar. For protecting new opera household, securing the brand new Diva Diamond and you can arresting Pierre, Carmelita received an advertising of the Barkley. This will be the very first time of a lot one to she and you can Sneaky manage stumble on one another.

Sly Cooper in addition to Thievius Raccoonus

Carmelita did actually end Sneaky out-of escaping that have a keen INTERPOL document towards Fiendish Four. Just after Sly’s avoid, she pursued your to each and every of Fiendish Five members’ places, the lady earliest attentive becoming Sir Raleigh. She later on tracked Sneaky down in the Mesa Urban area, spiritual singles free trial seeking your once more but ultimately failing to need him. She proceeded in order to apprehend the brand new criminals called Muggshot and Mz. Ruby, just before seeking Sly once again from the Kunlun Hills. Without a doubt, she did not simply take brand new Cooper Gang but did not miss the girl chance to arrest the newest Panda Queen inside the compensation because of it loss.