The Cynics:

Fuck all you cynics who think happiness is cheesy
That joy is far too breezy to sustain your misery
Fuck you dumbmouthed cynics who kill yourselves slowly
In love with feeling lowly and too good to feel good
I’ve seen your self-served agony, your fashionable hate
The venom in your righteousness, the too-much-on-your-plate
The way you crap your loneliness everywhere you go
And stink up dreams that could have been before you blocked their flow
Your faithlessness, your victimhood, the pessimistic lie
That you’re too thick to feel the prick of beauty in your eye
I know a child has made you smile, a song has made you cry
I know a touch turned you to mush, a kiss has made you sigh
I too was once too scared to fail to ever even try
But now each time love passes by, I always say hello